• Here’s something you might not have thought about before having kids of your own. Where do babies sleep while traveling? We have one easy solution for this, the Lotus Travel Crib. It is a great solution for on-the-go families looking for a safe spot to lay their baby down. Baby Sleep Tips While Traveling When… Keep Reading

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  • Picking out the first name can cause enough stress, and then once you find one you have got to find a unique middle name that goes along with it. And sure, no one will judge your name choice as harshly as if you were naming a royal baby but it’s still a huge decision! You… Keep Reading

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  • Toddler water shoes are a warm-weather must-have, as they let your toddler move independently without ruining their daily wear shoes. Water shoes are, as the name suggests, designed to withstand water and rugged use. Toddler water shoes specifically need to be easy to get on, stay on comfortably, and dry quickly so you and your… Keep Reading

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