• It’s summer which means sun, fun, and beach life! The beach is just one of those special places where you can forget your worries and relax. Luckily, having a baby doesn’t mean you can’t visit! However, it does mean you will be taking a few extra things and planning a little more in advance. Follow our… Keep Reading

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  • THIS POST WAS ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON THEPARENTOLOGIST.COM As a licensed child therapist with over a decade of experience, I work with a lot of children that engage in temper tantrums. Although it can be argued that this is a developmental milestone and is typical for most children, there are still ways parents and caregivers can help… Keep Reading

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  • What better way to celebrate pride month than to add some awesome LGBTQ children’s books to your kid’s library? Whether your family has a direct connection to the LGBTQ community or not, these books are a beautiful addition to show unconditional love, acceptance, diversity, and inclusion to your household. When creating our kid’s library, it… Keep Reading

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