• A popular stroller configuration is the sit and stand stroller. This style stroller takes the function of a tandem stroller (those with two seats) and provides a standing place for an older child instead. Many families with two or more children choose this design because it gives the older child the flexibility to walk or… Keep Reading

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  • There is a huge range of strollers on the current market that starts with newborn carriers and converts all the way to carrying multiple children at once. It can be difficult to shop for a stroller that is suitable for a big kid. While you might not need a stroller all the time for big… Keep Reading

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  • I see the value in dressing your baby like a baby, but I can’t lie and say that trendy baby clothes aren’t a weakness of mine. Plus, I am a big believer in balance. Stock up on the necessities like simple onesies and precious sleepers, but don’t deny yourself the time pleasure of dressing up… Keep Reading

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