What’s the best advice your mom has given you?

Over the years, my mom has given me a lot of advice. I wish I could easily put my finger on the very best but it all tends to swirl around me and through me. Some I listened to, some I ignored. If only she had had a blog, right? Then I could search for her guidance at just the right times.

Before I had my second baby, Whitney made me a terrific scrapbook of tips and advice from our mom friends with two or more babies. Including my own mother. Mixed in among my girlfriends’ suggestions to “let some things go” and “hold onto order even more tightly” was a little blast of advice from the seventies.

We lovingly call this piece of advice from my mom God bless the rocking chair (because that’s how it starts), but the nugget of wisdom I most appreciate is to spend one-on-one time with my children as often as possible.

I believe that the time we spend together doing what they want is a foundation for their happy childhood memories. Whether its playing a silly board game during naptime, building an epic fort, or creating a LEGO comic strip out of Q-tips, they will remember me as a mama who plays (at least I hope!).

As for the first part of her advice, I must make sure to get a cozy big glider for those snuggles before my children are too big to curl up with.

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