You’ll totally wear that again: saloon staff costume for mom and baby

Since we’re getting so close to Halloween, I’m guessing that any last-minute costume seekers are done with ordering online and more likely to be contemplating a late-night Target run. I think you might be able to find what you need for this funny toddler costume there.  I just love this clever concept from Molly of Ain’t No Mom Jeans because it’s so original!

Presenting: A Baby Saloon Keep and a School Marm Mom.

Sources for baby’s outfit:

eBay Baby Tuxedo Vest Set – $9

Red Arm Garters (cut to baby size) – $4

Flour Sack Dish Towel – $13 (7 pack)

Baby Gap 5 Pocket Cords in True Black – $27

Old Navy Oxford Uniform Shirt – $12

Molly points out that the cords can be worn again for Thanksgiving or another occasion that demands baby to wear something a little dressier. I would like to point out that the vest will probably fit for a long time and that Julian has a costume-ish one that he wore two years ago to be a vampire and still wears to be a magician or circus ringmaster when he does “shows” for our family.

As for Mom’s part in this duo, while Molly is all fashion-y about it, I suggest you just dig into your closet to approximate an 1880s babe of the Wild West. Goodwill is your friend this week, should you find yourself lacking a long skirt.

Another benefit to this costume is that turning your partner into a cowboy (assuming he is not already one!) will make it a fully coordinated family costume without much work.

Thanks, so much, Molly!

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