You’ll totally wear that again: Laura Ingalls costume

I was a big Little House fan as a girl, and since I know that my online friend Molly lives on a farm and homeschools her daughters, I fantasize that her house is located in the year 1880.

Clearly she’s not actually living in the past, because when I asked Molly to suggest a Halloween costume comprised of clothing items that can be actually worn again, she referred me to websites that are more up to date than my Facebook page.

I love her suggestions and I believe that most little girls could get many wears out of these items, either in every day use (cardigan and tights) or for dress-up (apron and bonnet).

Molly shared her sources in an email:

  • Dress from mini-boden (in gingham)
  • Penelope Cardigan from Olive Juice (in caramel)
  • Apron: thrift, ebay, etsy there are TONS of choices out there, obviously.
  • Bonnet: I LOVE this bonnet pattern from Amy Karol (angrychicken). It’s a cinch to sew up. The one in the photo is from daily doings.
  • Cable Knit tights from Target
  • Boots: thrifted, ebay’d. (The Clark’s someone told me she scored at a thrift store for 25 cents!)
Thanks, Molly, for participating in our “You’ll totally wear that again” Halloween series!

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