Sports bras for nursing moms

Functional and cute nursing bra from CAKE

Having had a few bouts of trying to exercise while nursing, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the selection of bras SUCKS.

Nursing breasts are hardworking and need support not to mention easy- and frequent-access. Unfortunately, it seems like these two criteria are often at odds.

  1. Support. I’ve doubled up on sports bras to increase support and decrease the pain of bouncing, but that makes it nearly impossible (think: ripping off duct tape!) to breastfeed a child before or after a class.
  2. Access. I’ve worn standard nursing bras or other makeshift contraptions to make feeding easier only to find myself ummm… errr… holding myself while running. Not practical or comfortable.

Here are two better options, yay!

Sports Bra from Cake. Pictured above (so cute!), it was designed to be supportive and cute with easy snap feeding clip for ease of dropping the cups just like your normal nursing bras.  I haven’t tried this one, but I loved my other CAKE nursing bras and would feel comfortable recommending it. If you do order it, make sure to do the jumping jack test before removing the tags to ensure you’re getting enough support. Available on amazon also with matching sporty boy shorts. About $80.

Moving Comfort sports nursing braMoving Comfort Fiona Bra. While not designed to be a nursing bra, the Fiona used to be the only game in town. Created by the sports bra wizards at Moving Comfort, it is great as a sports bra but a bit awkward for feeding (then again, it gets the job done) with a velcro adjuster to hork up support or let out your breasts for nursing. For larger breasts, the Juno has similar assets.

I had this one pictured and used it during a brief but glorious crossfit phase. I wouldn’t recommend nursing in a restaurant though, you’ll never get the puppies put away, especially with one hand. Available on amazon in many colors! From $10 to $50.

That’s it! That’s all I can recommend. Another few companies make “sports bras for nursing” but their positive reviews are based on lounging around the house or sleeping and not actually exercising.

If you’re not ready to break a sweat, here are my very strong opinions about nursing bras based on my 30+ months of experience!

Disclosure: I received no compensation or bras for sharing my opinions with you.