Makin’ it: t-shirt necklace

Did I tell you guys about my DIY New Year’s Resolution? I can’t remember if I put it down in writing here. It was to make use of my extensive craft library. I have at least 25 books on my shelf packed with sewing projects, creative ideas, and even specific patterns to copy. I pledged to myself that this year, I would stop buying books in this genre, and start using them. As of April 23rd, I have made hardly any progress.

I did successfully sew an easy skirt for Scarlett, according to the directions Cori shared with us. And, inspired by countless posts I’ve seen on other blogs, I have been wanting to make a necklace or scarf out of a tshirt for over a year.

One night, with a renewed enthusiasm for my craft book collection, I paged through P.S.– I Made This, a fashionista craft book with the subtitle “I see it. I like it. I make it.

Then, instead of putting down the book and cutting up my t-shirt, I putzed around online and found this video where the author, Erica Domesek demonstrates how to a fringed scarf from a tshirt.

Although she and her project are adorable, when I started cutting, I ended up going in a different direction. I cut strips of tshirt, pulled on them to let the edges curl and then tied them together a bit randomly into a very long loop. I twisted the loop to make a necklace and then used more bits of tshirt to tie the layers together.

I think I like the results, but honestly, every time I wear it, I worry that it looks like I’m wearing a rag around my neck! Maybe I need to stick with the scarf project.

If you search Pinterest for “tshirt necklace”, you will find 8 zillion beautiful examples like the one below. I think this project is worth experimenting with because a) a necklace fits everyone and makes your outfit look better b) it’s free and c) if you end up with a rag, you can just wipe up a spill.

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