Last-minute baby Halloween costume ideas

Remember how when you sorta grew out of Halloween, there were still times when you were able to throw together a costume with items you had on hand, because at the last minute someone would convince you to dress up? This can work for a baby or toddler costume, too.

Last-minute baby Halloween costume ideas: chef

The one above was inspired by a visit to the Zynga office when they launched a Facebook game called ChefVille!

Last-minute baby Halloween costume ideas: baseball!

Last-minute baby Halloween costume ideas: LIKE button

Here are a few more ideas:

  1. Waldo – Red and white striped shirt or onesie. Beanie. Glasses optional.
  2. Tourist – Hawaiian shirt, shorts, socks with sandals. Print a picture of a camera from the Web, paste it onto some cardboard, and make it a necklace for baby to wear.
  3. 50s guy – black fake leather jacket (buy used at baby resale store or ebay), white onesie, jeans. Slick back hair for maximum effect. If hair is available.
  4. Fried Egg – white one piece outfit or separates. Cut yellow circle from felt and sew or safety pin onto belly.
  5. Ballet dancer – Pink onesie, pink tights, pink Robeez. Done.
  6. Farmer – Plaid button down shirt, denim overalls, sunhat. Carry a stuffed animal that belongs on a farm, such as a pig.
  7. Bumble Bee – Black onesie, black sweats, yellow electrical tape. Pipe cleaner headband for anntenae. (Contributed by veteran mom Jen R.)
  8. Aerobics instructor – onesie over leggings with baby legs if you’ve got ‘em. Make a quick sweatband by cutting the edge off an outgrown newborn cap.
  9. Baby Einstein – Write E=MC2 on a onesie and be done with it. Concept and photo courtesy of baby Halloween costume ideas: Einstein

What else could you do for a last-minute DIY baby Halloween costume idea?

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