Halloween costume ideas for Babies & Toddlers (The Guide)

From elaborate sewing projects to last-minute baby costumes and frugal-minded ideas for parents who want to highlight their baby’s mind-blowing Halloween cuteness, we’ve put all our best dress-up ideas on this page. If you’ve got a related photo or story to share, feel free to comment at the bottom.

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Baby’s first Halloween

Costume ideas for babies

Simplest tiny newborn costumes. Is it baby’s first Halloween? For those who will probably be asleep but are still going to be on display, consider something uber-easy. And comfy!  (See 10 ideas for baby’s first Halloween)

Newborn Halloween Costumes

See also: Halloween costumes ideas for strollers, carseats, and other things with wheels.

Halloween costume ideas for babies

You’ll totally wear that again

Best costume that will actually be worn again: pajamas! Our hands-down favorite are skeleton-themed jammies.  This is the Rookie Mom go-to costume: Julian has donned the bones twice, Holden once, Milo once, and Sawyer is pictured below! And then they can be worn all year.

Toddler Costume Ideas: Pajamas are easy and you'll wear them again

UPDATE: We’ve rounded up 17 pairs of pajamas that can be worn as costumes, like these Toy Story ones.

Toy Story Pajamas for Halloween

Other “You’ll totally wear that again” costumes for toddlers and kids:

You’ll totally wear that again: Laura Ingalls costume from Molly
You’ll totally wear that again: prom dress becomes princess dress from Carrie
You’ll totally wear that again: cowgirl costume from Dottie
Reusable toddler train engineer costume from me, on BabyCenter.com.
You’ll totally wear that again: cool (little) dude jackets from Caitlin

Parent and baby group costumes

Baby as a prop to your own costume is convenient if you’ll be wearing or carrying your baby most of the time. We’ve thought of quite a few “themes” that will unify your look with your baby in a sling or carrier.

Mom and Baby Halloween Costumes

More mom and baby costume ideas like this…

Last minute costume ideas

Best last-minute costumes for infants. Make the baby clothes you’ve got on-hand into a new persona. We’ve got nine ideas for late-breaking baby costumes…

Best costumes for pregnant chicks

painted pregnant belly

Store-bought costumes we like

Best place for store-bought toddler costumes that will be soft, comfy, reasonably priced, and not based on a television character: Carters

Best selection if you or your child wants to be a pop culture character, check out BuyCostumes.com — they even have all the new Star Wars characters!

Best shortcuts for DIY parents

  • Start with a monochromatic outfit from American Apparel and add accessories. They have so many colors, you can find exactly the right shade of Giraffe Tan or Elmo Red to use as a warm base layer.
  • Iconic OshKosh B’gosh Denim Overalls paired with collared shirt and red bandana ($17 as of this writing!)
  • Use a ribbon + sponges to make a dragon or dinosaur costume out of any outfit.
  • Use iron-on printer paper to add details and designs, such as a control panel for R2D2 or a tiny necktie for an old man.
  • Make a clown collar and wear it with pjs. Here’s how.

Most impressive DIY costume endeavors by other parents

Hall of Fame: Homemade Halloween costumes from Rookie Moms readers
Hall of Fame: Even more homemade Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers
Hall of Fame: Even more DIY costumes

Still reading? If you’ve got a cute idea to share for Halloween, please send it to moms @ rookiemoms . com and we’ll add it to this guide!

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