Activity #24: Be a tourist in your own town

by Heather Flett on June 13, 2011

in Month 5,Photo

Today’s challenge is to strap on your fanny pack and be a tourist in your own town with your little sidekick. Ok, I’m kidding about the fanny pack. But how about you two go somewhere only the visitors ever enjoy?

I call this first one “PhD in Paris” of Annie and her baby boy in 2005:

Thanks to PhD in Parenting for this treasure

If you’ve never taken the time to see your hometown’s greatest hits, choose a destination and make a day of it. Can you plunk your baby at the foot of a famous statue or seek out the most famous landmark for a cute commemorative photo?

Baby J enjoys the view of the Golden Gate Bridge

This is your 24th challenge. Did you complete this challenge? Share your story and pictures.

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