Start a baby food swapping co-op

Milo is a little pickyWith our rookie babies, we made lots and lots of good fresh pureed baby food. Inspired by Super Baby Food I started with simple blended pear and eased into whipped avocado, but eventually I had vats of different combos going and I would puree for my mini-eater and save the chunky stuff for older Julian.

I had energy and creativity and time. The good news about all that is by freezing my energy, creativity, and time into little frozen food cubes, I could leverage thaw them later when I didn’t.

Carolyn at NYC Moms Blog went one giant step further and organized her own baby food coop. Brilliant. Because as long as your steaming and smashing a head of broccoli, why not make enough for the neighborhood and be done with it?!

My friend and former boss, Colleen, also went a few steps further than me in creating healthy organic combos for her son, Calder. Her recipes for baby quinoa and lentil surprises are in the Rookie Moms TasteBook. Check it out.

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