Activity #332: Take your toddler tailgating

I was way into football in high school and college: face-painting, dating the quarterback, the whole nine yards (which might actually be a military metaphor rather than a football metaphor, but whatever!). Since moving to San Francisco from America’s heartland (and marrying a man more interested in triathlon than touchdowns), my interest has waned.

But if I were still a football chick (or had one of those football-loving partners), I can imagine a whole bunch of weekend afternoons trading naptime for tailgating.

Baby Gabriel is 3 months old at his first game
Baby Gabriel is 3 months old at his first game

Amy is a mom of 4 year-old Becca and five-month-old Beau and a sports nutrition specialist. In addition to raising her two children, she works as a nutrition consultant to brands.

Amy lives in Houston, where the temperature is hovering around the high 80’s with lots of humidity, and where football is a way of life. With the football season underway, she offered to share some of her favorite family-friendly (and healthy) tailgating snacks and activities:


Is a joint birthday party a good idea?

Fourth birthday party tips

An influential force in the village that is helping me raise my children is our preschool community, a quirky, community-minded cohort of families. For example: each eldest class in the school nominates a name for themselves, and Sawyer is a proud member of the Rainbow Penguins (#howberkeleycanyoube). This weekend, we co-hosted a fourth birthday party with […]

The lasts of the firsts, part two

First day at daycare

About a year ago, I wrote moodily about the lasts being harder to notice than the firsts. And as my (last) baby approaches his fourth birthday, I’m feeling it all again. Earlier this week, we had his first day of (his next year of) preschool. Oh sure, the school barely closed for a week in […]

Links rookie moms should know about: August 2015


I think I just adopted a cat. We’ve been fostering kittens for a couple of years, getting a new batch every few months and then sending them off to be adopted after they’re big enough to be immunized and fixed. But this one, who is sitting on my lap, seems to belong here. She is […]

Online photo exhibition: Not MY Family Values

Rookie Moms reader Becky Senf is a museum curator of photography in Phoenix, Arizona. She sent me a link to an online collection of photos she has assembled on Art Photo Index (API). It is a thought-provoking exhibition with beautiful images of family life around the world. Her text addresses the phenomenon of being judged […]