How to bring the fantastic children’s book Not A Box to life in your living room

Activities to extend the book Not A Box

The clever children’s book Not A Box by Antoinette Portiss has a special place in my heart because it’s the first book title my son could read to me.


The theme of the book is a young bunny’s point of view that the box he is playing with is “not a box,” but rather a rocket ship, mountain, or skyscraper.

Not-a-box-full(It’s not a box. It’s a robot!)

Find Not A Box on Amazon.

When I saw photos of my friend Patti’s son being introduced to Not a Box at a bookstore event, I thought it looked like easy-to-execute toddler fun. Plus, if you’re lucky, once you introduce the box to your toddler, he’ll gravitate to playing with it on his own, and give you 14 seconds of peace each day.


Patti told me that at the bookstore, “They put a bunch of boxes in a line and had a kid sit in each one then pretended they were riding a train, on a plane, rocket ship, etc.”

Box party anyone? The publisher suggests having folks BYOB (that’s Bring Your Own Box) to a toddler party.

Not into hosting? Outdoors, my friends. Set up your box party at the park, and everyone who passes by will think you’re a total Pinterest mom. Hope no one slashes your tires.

Find the follow-up book Not A Stick on Amazon.

Photos by Patti Lew

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