Toddler Halloween costume ideas from pajamas

Pajamas are my very favorite Halloween costume base. There, I said it. For about $20 you buy something that your child can sleep in for a year — what a value! Here are a few of my favorites for this year. Buy ‘em all and never run out of ideas in your costume box!

17 cute costume ideas for toddlers from pajamas

If you’re looking for adorable costumes that totally give you your money’s worth, let me remind you about PAJAMAS! What else is comfy, cute, and wearable all year round? Here are 16 more sleepwear-costume ideas for your little one:

Bumble Bee. Pick up these Leveret Black & Yellow Striped Jammies for only $13 on amazon. Pair with wings and bobbly headband (which will be a costume-box mainstay for years!). Sawyer was a bee last year (pictured above) and has worn his yellow stripey pajamas at least 50 times since.

Bumblebee costume for toddlers

Clown. Julian was a clown in pajamas like these multi-colored ones from Leveret or polka-dotted ones from Old Navy. Just add a clown wig and a jumbo collar to any set of colorful pajamas. Perfect for a toddler on up through a grade schooler. See the quick clown collar tutorial.

Multi-colored stripes are a great base for a clown costume + 8 other costume ideas

Skeleton. Our go-to pajama-based costume is this skeleton from Carter’s or similar from Old Navy. About $10 or $12, it never goes out of style. Not only have all five of our toddlers worn this costume, but my family’s Halloween zombie decoration wore it last year, too. It also comes in pink, but huh?

Skeleton pajamas make a perfect toddler Halloween costume


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