How to create a supersized outdoor playdate for maximum summer fun (sponsored)

We are pleased to be part of CLIF Kid’s “Come Out to Play” campaign. This post is sponsored by CLIF Kids.

Sponsored by CLIF KIDS: Super fun outdoor playdate with a Wubble Bubble

My weekend ended on a high note as Heather and I partnered with Wendy from Wendolonia to host a supersized outdoor playdate sponsored by CLIF Kid. It was so much fun, I would love to do it every Sunday afternoon.

CLIF KIDS sponsored #outtoplay Play DateHula Hoops – not just for your hips

Here’s what worked so well:

  • We agreed on a 2-hour window for playing and we each invited a handful of friends for our kids.
  • We selected a local elementary school playground that is open to the public on weekends, so we had plenty of space, and the kids had access to standard playground equipment and also a big blacktop area and grassy space to run around.
  • We brought some novel outdoor toys to engage the kids, from ladderball (for older kids) to a Wubble Bubble, pictured above (assume one-time use for this thing, but it’s worth it!)

My son said that what made it special was that you could “play and then get a snack and then play some more.” Admittedly, we wouldn’t usually set up such a fabulous snack situation for our kids, but since we were working with CLIF, and they gave us a supply of CLIF Kid Zbars and ZFruits to share, we turned snacking into a fun activity as well.

CLIF KIDS Zbar and Zfruit tasting station

We had such a variety of flavors that we set up a CLIF Kids taste test with samples of each flavor, and invited the kids to try them out and VOTE!

Sponsored by CLIF KIds - taste testing Zbars and Zfruit

We even posted the results so they could see if other kids liked the same things.

CLIF Kids - favorite Zbar flavors


Parents were pretty happy with this guilt-free playdate because our kids were getting exercise, the parents were socializing in the shade, and everyone was snacking on foods that contain no high fructose corn syrup, synthetic preservatives or artificial flavors.


CLIF Kid challenges families to get outside and play every day. (The CLIF Kid Play Hub provides tips and tools for parents and communities to promote play for kids of all ages.)

Where do you go to play outside? Show us how your outdoor play activities using the #outtoplay hashtag on social media.

All photos courtesy of Wendy Copley, author of Everyday Bento.

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