Cool coloring books for adults? Yes!

I had never even considered the idea of coloring books for adults until a few weeks ago, when Jessica Ashley mentioned that they help keep her focused on long conference calls. Wait, what? That’s awesome! I asked her for some recommendations and before I knew it, I had bought myself two coloring books and a set of fancy markers.

Coloring for stressed-out moms: basic suppliesSide note: my birthday was coming up so I told my kids that if they didn’t have a present for me they could give me the coloring books and markers. Holden thought shopping for my own self was ridiculous but the others thought it was fantastic:

Milo, “So you won’t be surprised?”

Me, “Nope”

Him, “But you know you’ll like it?”

Me, “Yep”

Him, “Cool”

And that is how it came to be that I am the proud owner of new coloring books and 48 gel pens. The first day I tried it out, I was hooked. The whole process of picking colors and playing with markers (instead of hiding on my phone or doing dishes) is calming. (more…)

How to improve your family’s cranky moods in five minutes

How to hit the reset button on your kids' moods

As much as I’d like to use my remote control to PAUSE then REWIND some challenging moments with my kids, the technology just doesn’t work like that yet. When we start to spiral into the whine-yell-hit-your-brother-scream cycle, we need something external to stop the seemingly neverending loop. Often one of us will ask for a “Do […]

Activity #193: Meet a monkey at the zoo

toddler at the zoo

It’s time to introduce your baby to lions and lizards. And won’t you feel like an official parent when you brag that you take your child to the Zoo? My friend Sarah gets credit for this one. “It’s fun for parents, too,” she says. Honestly, I think it’s mostly fun for parents. Even at 12 […]