You’ll totally wear that again: 5 Halloween investments that will last more than one night

In the coming weeks, I’m going to run a “You’ll totally wear that again” Halloween series where we show specific costume ideas that can be assembled from items that will be useful in your child’s wardrobe through November and beyond. These sleep and play jammies from (above, $16.50) are perfect for the baby who will be sleeping through most of the evening anyway.

I’m looking for submissions, so if you’re interested, please comment and let me know — I’ll get in touch with you.

For now, a few things I bookmarked for this purpose. May they inspire you to create something your child will love to wear over and over again.

Elmo hat – pair with a red sweatsuit to be Sesame Street‘s most popular monster and wear it forever. Cheap version is a baseball cap-style; expensive version (similar to above, $35) comes as Elmo, or alternatively as a sock monkey.  SO CUTE!

Vintage personalize baseball jersey

Yes, it’s splurgeriffic at $58, but you can keep it forever and don’t need much else to call it a Halloween costume. Plus, how adorable would it be on a little girl with pigtails?

Lady bug raincoat:

ladybug rainjacket front

ladybug rainjacket back

Add black leggings and a an antenna-style headband. Rainy Halloween? No prob. ($14.99 on Amazon.)

Bumble bee  swaddler

bumble bee swaddle costume

Yes, this picture looks totally Photoshopped and I’m sure the swaddle would not hold snug through even the shortest of newborn snoozes, but still, a very sweet way to take a little one out for a Halloween stroll. (I found it on Amazon, but One Step Ahead carries ladybugs and puppies in the same style.)

Basic toddler cape

homemade batman cape

Don’t buy one that can only be Batman or whomever he wants to be this year. Make or buy a simple cape that can grow with kid to transform with all of his imagined superfantasies over the course of the year – you’ll even enable him to be a magician or vampire with it.

Looking for more Halloween costume ideas for babies?

P.S. I posted a list of everything you need (all reusable!) for a train conductor costume on today.