My toddler’s favorite potty training books

As we consider upping our potty training, these books are now in rotation during storytime (Yes, storytime. I can’t doo books while on the potty. Ick).

Potty training books for rookie moms

Once Upon a Potty. We love the book about Joshua and his tireless mother; it teaches patience for all of us. Also comes in girl flavor.

Everyone Poops. Stylized Japanese graphics with biology lessons snuck into poop humor, a kid favorite! The Gas We Pass is in the same vein with cool illustrations butt the more mature biology entertains big brothers.

My Big Boy Potty.  Basic potty instructional book.

Princess Potty and Pirate Potty. Multi-media experience with lots of stickers and encouragement. Who needs M+Ms?

Yesterday, I was in a public restroom with my two-year old and he asked me whether the flusher was a loud one; he already knows to stand at the far corner of the stall with his ears covered. We’re still in the time period — before hard core “training” — when he can go or not and I don’t really give a crap. There were a few outlier weeks this Summer when he inexplicably insisted on using the airport toilets but those days are behind us.
You can lead a toddler to the potty

What are your favorite books, hacks, and tools for potty training?