I loved YogiBaby but not for the yoga {Rookie Moms Challenge #7}

The Challenge: Go to a Baby Yoga Class

One of the biggest worries I have as a new mom is taking Weston into the greater world. I get a little nervous about people responding to him; if he’s crying, or hungry, or needs to be changed, I don’t exactly know all the protocol yet, and that can be daunting. But, as I found, while completing Rookie Mom Challenge #7, go to a yoga class with the baby, there are places in this world made just for babies, and new parents should take advantage of those locales.

Having done yoga all through high school, I was intrigued, and a little anxious, about taking Weston to a baby class. We decided to attend a YogiBaby class at Absolute Yoga; my friend and her four month old baby girl came with us, and we weren’t really sure what to expect.

My first time at mom and baby yoga #rookiemoms

Yoga Time!

The class was small, and most of the babies were around Weston’s age. It was the first time he had been around so many babies, and I was thrilled to see him looking around, watching, and even making eye contact with the others.

We began the class by warming up the babies and making them feel comfortable. Weston was game and loved having me play with his arms and legs. Once they felt safe and secure, the mamas did a sun salutation and stretching. It was fun to have Weston there with me! Unfortunately, just as in daily life, I regret to say that I didn’t pay much attention to my own body, I was too busy seeing what he was staring at and wondering what he was thinking.

The class had a nice rhythm of mom-time and baby-time. We sang some songs, did some arm workouts with the babies in the mirror (he got a kick out of that!), and even some ab work incorporating the little ones. I was unbelievably impressed with Weston’s behavior. He even turned to see what the teacher was saying when she spoke (son of a teacher, what can I say?!).

My first time at mom and baby yoga #rookiemoms

But, Here’s the Secret…

But, the best part of the class was the freedom we had to just be Moms. If a baby cried, we fed them. If a baby needed a change, we changed. If a baby just needed to stop and be held, he was held. No one judged. No one stared. We smiled at each other, we complimented each other. There were no mommy wars or battles. About forty-five minutes into the class, the room got loud with a general cry-whine in unison from all the babies. We all whipped out toys, bottles, breasts, diapers, and our mommy-voices. No one even batted an eye at each other. In that room, we were safe to be silly mommies.

Even if you’re not fan of yoga, I highly suggest attending a baby yoga class, because let me tell you a secret: it isn’t about the yoga at all. It’s about the calm feeling to be the mom you are at home, in the great big world. Now, if that isn’t spiritual and freeing, I don’t know what is!

My first time at mom and baby yoga #rookiemoms

PS. Someone was a little Yoga-ed out!

Have YOU tried mom and baby yoga yet?

[Photo credit: Olivia Howell — all rights reserved]

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