When hand-washing isn’t enough, on battling germs

Staying healthy with three little boys in two different schools (read: germ pools) is a crap-shoot at best. We live in the world, touch stuff, and do things. We are bound to get sick this winter even if it effs with my plans.

I am an obsessive hand-washer, but any one of my little guys is just as likely to drink bathwater or lick a bike rack as follow my lead on hygiene.

Another big difference between me and the littles? I try to control my kids sugar-eating. While I know from experience that I am fully capable of eating three desserts after dinner, I’ve convinced my gullible children that if they eat more than their small dessert quotient — AKA sometimes-food — they will definitely get sick.

So, how am I supposed to know if holiday vomiting is caused by a bug or bad choices? Either way, I try to keep them comforted, cuddled, and hydrated until their normal selves return. Being sick is also license for extra screen time and naps. And we get to wash our hands a little more as a bonus!

For hydration, a cold & flu hydration product for children is a much better alternative to sports drinks or juice for replacing lost fluid and electrolytes. I also like to serve warm water with a squeeze of lemon and glob of honey; we pretend it’s tea. If you have a fever in my house, you can have a frozen fruit-sicle.

Do you have any sick day protocols that I can steal use next time?


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