What the flu? (sponsored)

For the past few weeks, Whitney and I have been on the lookout for funny, germy behavior from ourselves, our families and our friends as part of an assignment from Clorox to find those unpleasant flu moments that everyone can relate to and highlight them in animated GIFs.

I captured my toddler playing in the garbage, licking his shoe, and learning to use a tissue. I filmed my friend during a combo-laughing-coughing fit during an evening out (and I wonder why we have so much trouble finding double dates!) while Whitney was busy doing some of the same weird stuff at her house.

animated snotty kid #wtflu

The resulting comedy is enshrined on the Clorox #WTFlu tumblr page and you should definitely check it out.

Nervous about where your baby puts his slobbery hands? Feeling like you should bathe the kid after a day at preschool before giving too tight a hug? You’re in good company. I’m a total fiend about hand-washing and I still worry about how to keep my own kids healthy. Since I don’t have a magic wand to make the germs disappear, I wipe down the frequently-touched hard surfaces regularly to help kill the flu virus and then I hope for the best. #WTFlu

Animated toddler reaching into garbage #WTFlue

Check out the What the Flu Tumblr for some sick day laughs or groans and follow the #WTFlu hashtag on Twitter.

Disclosure: We are participating in the WTFlu program as compensated brand ambassadors. Our opinions and silly animated gifs are our own.