What makes a house a home?

The other day as one of us was yelling at the rest of us, it struck me that throwing tantrums in our new house builds shared memories and brings us closer to creating our HOME. I started thinking of all the little and big memories that go into creating a family home so I made a list for the kids to see. Of course I did.

It’s a bit crumply because I made it from packing materials. Some day, we’ll find the normal paper.

Click my list to see it bigger

After taping it to the kitchen wall (and making everyone pinky-swear to NOT Sharpie on the wall), I thought of more and more ideas that were not appropriate to add for one reason or another. So, if I can just share a few more with you:

  • Having Christmas here (too far away!)
  • Enduring nighttime wakeups + cleaning up pee accidents (don’t want to encourage them)
  • Spilling/breaking/vomiting-on something (see above)
  • Making lists about random stuff :-) — check!

What would you put on your list of making a house into a home?