What are your birthday traditions?

Growing up, my mom was the Queen of Birthdays and always made me feel like the most important person. My sweet Milo is turning five this month and I want to make him feel just as awesome. For his birthday party, he and a buddy are co-hosting their preschool classmates at a swimming pool.

Activities will be splashing and then bouncing around a decorated conference room while hopped-up on sugar. We created adorable custom Hallmark invitations and plates (thanks, sponsor!).

Because Milo’s party is shared — and not on his actual birthday — I want to go to extra lengths to make him feel like the King of the World on his big day. But how?

This is what I have so far: Birthday Boy can do any or all of the following:

  1. Choose the meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He has picked hamburgers and sweet potato fries.
  2. Pick the day’s activities. He doesn’t know that he’ll be getting a new bike or that Daddy wants to take him sledding. So, he might just pick build a LEGO city and comic book story.
  3. Eat a sundae as big as his head. Or share one with me, because he has a really big head.

Do you fill your dining room with balloons or a paper banner on your child’s birthday? I love hearing about all the special touches that other families do to make birthdays special days. Please tell me your birthday traditions and I will copy the easiest, best ones (please).


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