Activity #361: Turn your commute into happy time

If you work away from home, odds are good that commuting back is a rushed frenzied time. If that’s true, you’re ruining it! This is prime-mama-alone time.

Take our advice and savor these tiny moments:

  • If you’re driving a short distance: sing a song that takes you back in time. Really belt it out.
  • If you’re driving a long distance: catch up on an audio book.
  • If you’re biking: chill out and breathe.
  • If you’re riding public transit (like me now!): zone out with a non-parenting book or music on your iPod.

Relish this gift of alone time and you’ll be a happier mama when you get home. For real. Or you could keep hurrying and cursing and feel totally frazzled again.

See also act the way you want to feel.

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