Toy Story double feature is not for little kids, ok?

Let me start out by saying in no uncertain terms that I love the Toy Story movies!! Just so we’re clear.


I enjoyed them in the theater back in the day. And I recently screened a DVD at home for my two- and four-year old boys with great success for family movie night. My big boy tends to scare easily so that’s saying something. Even the great minds at Common Sense Media agree that four is not too young.

Ok great. You get it. I love these movies.


But. A double feature? For little kids four and under? You can’t pay for them as separate movies, only as a package deal (LAME!). WTF?!

But. Enormous 3D glasses? For little kids? Not so much.

These are not improvements.

Milo was ready to leave before the first movie was over (and this was a movie he’s seen before and liked). Lucky for all of us in the theater he was pretty good-natured about it. We cut our losses and left at intermission.

We returned the next day, just me and Holden, to watch the sequel. But because many of the children were leaving for their own attention-span-related reasons, we easily found seats.

I was relatively optimistic because the story and characters were fresh in our minds and we didn’t have the baggage of a two-year old. This time, Holden tried to leave before it was over (too scary!!!) but I negotiated that he watch the rest of the movie from my lap. During the aforementioned flip-out (“Mommy, mommy please can we leave!!!”), his 3D glasses fell to the floor never to be recovered.

My husband says we can look forward to many many 3D movies in our future, but I’ll warn all the parents out there that you’re better off buying Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 for your home collection.

For the price of a family of four heading to the 3D show (about $53 in our area!!), you can watch these gems over and over and over in your own sweet time (with bathroom breaks! and rewind!) with the candy popcorn at home. The 3D is no improvement for kids this age range.

Little ones in need of a fun outing? Skip it.

Older kids? Parents who love Pixar? Enjoy!