Thursday Thirteen: Why I can’t wait for the new TV season

In an era of DVR’s and Netflix and on-demand, who’s sitting around waiting for the new shows to start? Me!!! Here’s why:

13 reasons i can’t wait for the new tv season

  1. Heroes — yay! Next week, it’s coming and I can’t wait.
  2. Lost — but come on, when’s that gonna start?
  3. Sex and the City — tivo is now catching the same old episodes over and over. I recognize them by title!
  4. Wonder Pets — Holden and I have seen them all. Sadly, when I got everyone to bed last night and collapsed to watch some TV, it was still paused on WP from the day before. I’m ready for a new flock of animals to save. Anyone with me?
  5. More kid shows — tivo is fetching only kid’s shows for us now. How sad are we?
  6. The movies all suck now.
  7. I’m too lazy to read.
  8. My kids still go to bed by 7:30 (fingers crossed that I’m not jinxing myself) so I’m ready to pick up and knock down some new shows.
  9. Scrubs. Office. Earl. 30 Rock. Our dessert shows after a hard day. We ration them out throughout the week.
  10. Singing Bee — new guilty pleasure.
  11. Ugly Betty — old guilty pleasure.
  12. Note from the Underbelly – is it coming back? Will I still care?
  13. Six Feet Under — we finally finished watching our series on netflix and now have nothing to watch.

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