The TV Post: shows we watch right now

I’ll confess. I was one of those moms. I was the kind of mom that you hear about but assume is a myth… the one that bans TV from the house (during the baby’s waking hours anyway). Yep.

But then I had a second kid less than two years later. And all that changed.

It started slowly enough: I’d let Holden (22 months) watch 12 minutes of Wonder Pets or Signing Time about 3 times a week. I figured that it hardly counted in the grand scheme of things.

Of course it’s a slippery slope. As I feared it would be.

Next came Wonder Pets every day! Luckily the precious baby was disinterested. I patted myself on the back. I felt cocky that my kids weren’t on track to be those Baby Einstein zombie kids that some of my friends have (and if you’re reading… your kids all turned out great anyway. I say it in love.)

Fast forward about 18 months and we watch about 24 minutes of TV every weekday. I’ve rationalized that the kids (age 22 months and 3 1/2) are so busy, social, and engaged all day long at preschool that they really need to unwind. Plus, I gotta cook! So, each day at 5:30 we now watch one of our shows.

Shows we they love right now:

  • Sid the Science Kid — curious kid explores his world. Singing and science with cool Jim Henson vibe. (appropriate for 4 and up with nothing bad for the younger folks)
  • Word World — animals sing and make words out of letters. (rated for 3+ with some iffy content for younger ones. oops) See Auntie Em’s full review.
  • Go, Diego, Go — you don’t need me to tell you what Diego is but if you’re already watching you should check out the Common Sense review and see if you agree. Holden has been afraid of the volcanoes and evil wizards lately and is on a break.