Taking the Ergo 360 for a spin

Thanks to Ergobaby for sponsoring this post and sending me and Piper the Four Position 360 Baby Carrier to test out and one to give away (now over).
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Review of Ergo 360 by rookie mom, Heather OsbyWhen I found out that Ergo was coming out with a new baby carrier, I got so excited. I’m kind of an Ergo groupie. They make good products, and for those of you who know me, you know I wouldn’t say that if I didn’t mean it. Since having a kid, I’ve realized that pushing her around in a stroller is less than ideal. My big bulky stroller takes up half of my car, so babywearing is the way to go.

When Piper was 3 months old, I started carrying her around in the Original Ergo, and I was smitten from the get go, but the one downside was that no matter how big she got, she would never be able to face outward. Now I like snuggling just as much as the next mom, but if you have ever had a five-month old, you know how squirmy they start to get. And, the more social they get, the more they want to be involved in everything, so something that is front facing is perfect for this age.

Enter the Ergo Four Position 360 Baby Carrier

With the new carrier, I can carry my baby facing in or facing out. I can put her on my hip or on my back too, all comfortably they say. But are they right?


Review of Ergo 360 by rookie mom, Heather Osby

Piper is into flowers right now. They are one of her favorite things to look at on our walks. She also likes to squirm when I try to get photos of her being this cute.

Here are a few highlights

  • Let’s start with comfort. Lugging a 17-pound baby around isn’t easy, but this thing provides a TON of comfort, especially in the shoulders. Honestly, I don’t even feel any strain. With previous forward-facing carriers that I have tried my back would be killing me after 15 minutes, but after an entire grocery store trip with Piper facing outward, I felt completely fine.
  • It is super easy to adjust the straps. I had Piper comfortably secured in this thing in no time whatsoever. There are straps on the side to pull that tighten everything up, easy peasy.
  • Loving the secret hood. Okay, maybe it isn’t a secret, but I was pleasantly surprised to find tucked up in the pocket a hood to throw over baby’s head if she is sleeping. Bonus points for protecting your baby’s head from a sunburn.
  • The pocket. So I had just arrived at the grocery store and I thought to myself, where am I going to put my keys and credit card? Then I discovered it. A pocket with a zipper. The original Ergo has a pocket, but no zipper so when I take Piper out, anything in the pocket falls out if I am not super careful. The 360 has a zipper pocket so my iPhone and credit card are secure. Even when I forget.
  • Adjustable positions. At first I was confused because the carrier has a safety clip at that weird spot on my back that I can’t reach unless I loosened the straps before putting it on (which I was constantly forgetting to do!). BUT then after playing around with it a little more I realized that the position of that clip is also adjustable and I can move it up or down, whatever is more comfortable. And that was when I knew this product was truly amazing.

The only downside is…
I feel sad for my original Ergo baby carrier, I don’t know when I’m going to use it anymore!

So yeah, I’m an Ergo groupie. They just make great products. If a wrap is more your style they graciously sent me one of those as well which I highly recommend.
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Thanks to Ergobaby for going the extra mile to create great products that save Mama’s back and allow us to use BOTH of our hands to get some things done.

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