Activity #538: Take your toddler for a latte

My middle school ex-boyfriend, Neil, is now a rookie dad to a toddler (ain’t facebook great?). He likes to take his son, Graham, out in the Burley trailer for coffee dates. Neil drinks the coffee while Graham sips his leche.

Graham drinks his latte
Graham drinks his latte

Neil reports:

Even in the fun Portland winter weather, I like to take Graham out as much as I can. He’s recently been asking to go for rides in the Burley, so I take him to a coffee shop that’s ~1.5 miles away. He usually falls asleep, but didn’t yesterday. We did that trip again today. 3 for 3 now. We’ll see what he does tomorrow.

Don’t underestimate the power of sitting and sipping your normal beverages in a special place. I used to watch parents of toddlers serve their sons little demitasse cups of foamy or whipped milk at our corner cafe. Adorable. And sometimes free!

The baby version of this activity is Pretend You’re in Paris.