True confession: I have six strollers

I feel icky saying it out loud, but one visit to my house will confirm this embarrassing fact before you even ring my doorbell. Yes, we have six strollers. So, I figure the least I can do to cleanse my karma is to review them for you and save you from following down my path:

  1. Universal Infant Car Seat CarrierThe bare bones snap-n-go — Whitney loaned me her Graco model and it was stolen from my front yard! So, I still consider this one a loaner and when her baby is born she gets it back. We replaced the stolen wheels with the Kolcraft Universal Infant Car Seat Carrier and it’s just great. Lightweight, collapsible, and a smooth ride to boot. My only minor complaint is that the Graco carseat does not snap into place, you have to remember to strap it down. [Our cost = ~$60]
  2. Sport Utility Stroller - 2007 Pacific BlueThe jogger — My husband actually runs Holden around in this stroller and I consider it a lifesaver. We got the BOB Sport Utility Stroller as a Christmas present the year Holden was born and it has been well worth the $0 we paid. [Our cost = $0]
  3. Sydney Chicco C5 Lightweight StrollerHolden’s regular ride — we first got the Sydney Chicco C5 Lightweight Stroller when Holden was ready to graduate to an umbrella stroller because it was reasonably priced and had a sunshade. It hasn’t held up very well in my opinion but it’s not terrible either. [Our cost = ~$60]
  4. Chicco Citta Twin Stroller - Blue SkyThe double — we borrowed the Chicco Citta Twin Stroller from Whitney one day when we had the option of a nanny-share. That was a year ago. By the time we “return” it, she will get any double stroller of her choosing (within reason) because it has not held up well. And we only use it four days a week for rides to and from the park… it’s not even getting tossed into a trunk or crammed through doorways. [Our cost (when we replace it) = ~$130]
  5. Baby Trend Deluxe Sit N StandThe convertible double — what do you buy when your boys are 21 months apart? Why, a stroller that allows a carseat, a couple regular seats, a seated bench for the toddler, and a ridealong board… All this and a “parent tray” are promised with the Baby Trend Deluxe Sit N Stand. We were truly blessed to get this as a gift from our parents. And also lucky that (since they live far away) they don’t see the state of our porch on a regular basis. [Our cost = $0]
  6. Baby Jogger Q-Series Double 16\The double jogger— I found this Twinner Double Jogger for $100 on the Berkeley Parents Network and jumped on it immediately. If Alec can run one kid around while I sleep in, I can’t wait for the day he takes both of them out. I have to wait another five months for that day, but at least we have the wheels for it. We also think this will be a nice smooth around-town ride for the boys. [Our cost = ~$100]

All that being said, I have major double stroller lust for both the Phil & Teds E3 Buggy (with toddler converter kit) and/or the Valco with toddler seat and rider board. And single stroller envy for Whitney’s simple but sturdy Maclaren Quest. Oy vey.

Obviously we can’t justify any new stroller purchases at this point, but I’m still accepting donations ;-).

ps my newborn is strapped to me in his Baby Bjorn right now for good measure… so don’t get me started on his other conveyance devices right now!