Activity #379: Stroll for speed and distance

Strollometer Wheel-based Stroller Speedometer/Odometer, Blue/BlackWhitney gave me my first pedometer. We both really like to count steps. Getting 10,000 steps before lunch is license to sit on the couch.

Anyway, I gotta get me one of these… now I can hook this little ometer, Strollometer, right up to my stroller to measure my speed (average and maximum!) and distance. Fits any stroller. Has 8 functions.

I would also issue this suggestion to any rookie moms early in their strolling careers: ease into this! Don’t max out on speed or distance on your first day out of the gates. You want to allow yourself room for improvement; that will look much better on a graph.

Idea for new snazzy counting gadget courtesy of Parent Hacks.
More compelling reasons to strap one on at

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