Stocked Kitchen report, week 3.5

I continued on with my Stocked Kitchen experiment and I have to admit that I like these authors bossing me around. It feels a little bit like when my mom came out to “help” with the new baby and she did everything wrong differently but it was so nice to have the help.

Just like last week, this week threw a bunch of surprises at me and I didn’t have to go to the grocery story. Ok, once I sent Alec for milk and bread over the weekend, but that was it. Pretty terrific.

The weekly report
I haven’t been to the store yet since last Monday and it’s Wednesday.

  • Monday: We cooked a great stocked dinner complete with Apple Pie bites for dessert. They were very simple to prepare, the boys helped. Dinner included Tomato Artichoke Pasta with Shrimp.
  • Tuesday: As the last day of preschool for Holden, we celebrated at a friends’ house. They fed us pizza. We also had an ice cream party at Fenton’s. No sk cooking.
  • Wednesday: As the first day of kindergarten, we celebrated by going anywhere Holden wanted. He chose Caffe Trieste for sandwiches and quiche (oh yeah, and cake!). During the school day, Milo and I baked chocolate chip banana bread from another cookbook.
  • Thursday: We made Macaroni & Cheese from the sk (not Karen’s recipe, shhh) and Lemon Butter Broccoli. Disaster! Me and the little boys did not care for the mac&cheese for our own reasons — I found the yogurt-based sauce too sour and my guys just don’t like mac and cheese — and none of us enjoyed the too-tart broccoli (though we all ate it).
  • Friday: Date Night! Kids had eggs. We had burgers.
  • Saturday: Carb-heavy delight of Baked Penne and Baked Sweet Potatoes. Due to my children hating melted cheese (WTF?) and my perfectly-reasonable dislike of cooked peppers, only Alec was satisfied. Again.
  • Sunday: Feeling lazy, ordered pizza. Stuffed our faces for Family Movie Night of Kung Fu Panda.
  • Monday: Dinner out at Picante.
  • Tuesday: From the stock, we had Grilled Moroccan-style Marinated Chicken breasts with stove-top broccoli (our own way) and quinoa. Everyone happy!

*sk means on the Stocked Kitchen list.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this book and I am letting it guide my life for a month because I think the authors are list-writing geniuses!