Activity #137: Split your movie date

Rookie mom tip: Split your movie date

Between the high price of a babysitter and movie admission prices, it can be hard to imagine a cheap evening date. So, follow the example of rookie dad Edwin and his wife: Go see a new-release movie while your partner stays home with the baby; return home and then stay with the baby while your partner goes to a later showing of the same film. Then discuss it together at home, where the ice cream is free.

I’ve done this a few times with great success! In our situation, I’m too sleepy to see a late night show, so we split our date night into two nights. I went to the movie first and had to bite my tongue not to give any spoilers while I waited for Alec to go the next night.

Have you tried this before? What’d you think?

Photo Credit: aeter via Compfight cc

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