So proud of myself — both kids and me at a restaurant

This past Thursday, when Alec had his Dad’s Night Out, I decided to really roll the dice and take both boys out to a restaurant by myself. It was pretty fun.

I tried to call it our Big Adventure, but Holden said we shouldn’t call it a ‘venture. So I asked, “what should we call it then, mom and boys dinner date?” and he said, “we should call it a family”. Cute, but that wasn’t really what I was going for.

Didn’t Holden understand what a big freaking deal it was for me to bring both of them out in public to a restaurant to eat an actual meal with no adult back up? What if there was a poo’splosion (like last time), or a cup being thrown (like last time), or if I just needed to cry? I guess when you’re three, your job is not to worry about that stuff, so he didn’t.

We arrived at Picante (super duper child friendly, for those of you not in Berkeley) with perfect rock star parking — right in front of the door on the correct side of the street! I let Holden out first and asked him to please wait on the sidewalk and be my big helper; he agreed. I loaded Milo into the Hip Hammock, handed Holden the diaper bag, and grabbed my purse and extra baby food right as it started pouring. Buckets! We ran inside. Holden thought that was really fun.

Because we arrived around 5:30, it wasn’t too crowded. Holden darted around the line area, not exactly standing where I asked… and I tried to play it cool. We ordered well and got a table. Holden waited near our table while I struggled to set up two high chairs while still wearing my curious one-year-old. I probably could have asked for some help at that point. Next time.

Fast forward, everyone ate pretty well, Milo tried to teach himself to use a spoon, and they probably hosed down the area after we left… but that’s standard procedure for Picante. I think we’ll be back. :-) Yay me!