Sneaky parent trick: serve frozen fruit – wait for it – frozen

At my daughter’s soccer practice, held on a hot day, I was asked to bring popsicles to reward/motivate the girls. Between the shlepping involved to accomplish this feat and my Berkeley-mom guilt over giving kids a sweet treat at 5.30 pm, I decided to peer into my freezer.

A bag of frozen peaches was my salvation. No trip to the store, no added sugar or artificial colors. I stuck the peaches in a small cooler and headed out.

Serve frozen fruit -- wait for it -- FROZEN!At the end of practice, I called out, “ICY PEACHES! ICY PEACHES!” and the girls came running. I put a couple of large, frozen peach slices in each of their hands, and they were delighted.

At my house, we eat frozen peaches, frozen pineapple, and frozen blueberries straight out of the bag. (I do not slice and freeze the peaches myself, but if I came upon a windfall of peaches, perhaps I would.) I got the straight-from-the-freezer idea from Heather who encouraged me to put frozen peas on Scarlett’s high chair tray. Without heating them. I’m not sure if it’s lazy, brilliant, or a combination of the two.

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