Slings and carriers: Baby Halloween Costumes

For wee babies experiencing their first Halloween, I think the baby carrier costume is the most practical (that is, if you leave the house). Your baby is cozy and snug against you and you have your hands free.

Here are a few adorable sling costumes to try:

Turn a sling into a Halloween costume: spiderSpider: add white or silver (or glow-in-the-dark) web to black sling in less than 30 minutes. Instructions at

Watermelon: Have an hour and a red or green sling? You can try this watermelon costume. More sling costume ideas like race car, peacock and pumpkin pie from Mammas Milk.

Babywearing costume inspiration from Mammas Milk Slings: watermelon and cow

Other carrier costumes:

Popcorn. Kate from This Place Is Now A Home made a white and red striped popcorn container out of felt and simply wrapped it around the Baby Bjorn she wore. But not before attaching real popcorn to her son’s cap. Is this not the cutest family costume?

Baby costume popcorn

The Hangover: We love what Karen, Ross and baby Laz did as the characters from the Hangover. Dad plays Zach Galifianakis with sunglassed infant in the BabyBjorn and Mom as Ed Helms character. Million laughs.

Hangover as great Halloween costume for a baby and family

Total Recall (Kuato & George): Nothing gets Daddy to carry the baby for Halloween like a costume inspired by a classic Schwarzenegger movie’s mutant death scene, right? (Wait, was that sexist?) Bonus that it’s comfy for parent and child! Check out our pal Roberto and his baby:

Great costume for baby and dad: humanoid alien from Total Recall

Flower pot and gardener: Within the span of a few naptimes, you can pull off this costume and amaze your friends. Jess Gonzalez provides instructions on instructables.

Jess turned her baby into a flowerpot for a Halloween costume

Lobster in a pot: Technically, this baby is in a carrier, albeit a thoroughly impractical one. Fantastically cute from our friends at Parents Resources and More.

This lobster in a pot is a funny baby Halloween costume

What other creative baby carrier costumes have you seen?
Need more ideas? See our full guide for Halloween costumes for babies and toddlers.