Eat in for a change

I snagged this inspiration from Cathy at Not Eating Out in New York and my husband Alec who responded to my demand of “dinner must be on the table by 6:00” with impromptu turkey quesadillas and root vegetables. It’s time to mix it up and make do with what’s on hand and call it dinner.

She offers tips for eating in when you’d rather just eat out (or grab carry-out): 5 tips for not eating out.

I have great intentions of easing up on the eating out. I know that if I can pack my own lunch each day at work, I’ll have more money left to spend on my relentless hot chocolate habit (that’s win-win, right?). I sometimes remember to schedule my freezer full of leftovers, but I’m downright terrible at using my pantry of odds and ends like the “savings account” it is.

Do you and your baby live walking distance to grocery stores?

  • If so, you can make a walk to the market your daily outing. Go at 3:00 each day.
  • If not, load your baby into the car every couple days and stock up.

See tips on grocery shopping with cart and meal planning. :)

Need more inspiration? Check out Cathy’s reason of the month. This site also has some fun dinner party at home ideas, which I love.

Let us know the best or worst meal you’ve concocted once you’ve declared it dinner time and belted the baby into his highchair before deciding what to cook!
Or am I the only one who turns to scrambled eggs at least one night a week?