Running away from the first day of K

Just like the dream of a charming family holiday picture or the cute kid in the Halloween costume, I unknowingly had a “First Day of Kindergarten” photo fantasy. Can you blame me?

My child would certainly be posed, smiling, in front of the school bus with his too-large backpack. I would sniff back a few little tears. We would both be proud. After the picture in front of the bus, I’d surely get a few more of him waving from the inside before the bus got smaller on the horizon.

But no.

Instead, we don’t qualify for the school bus. So, I drove him to school (kicking and screaming, I should probably mention) and we walked two blocks to the school hand-in-hand piggyback then holding hands.

And just when we approached the gate to the school yard, he bolted. Away from school.

Our first day of kindergarten

And I called after him, trying not to sound crazy in front of the other parents who are not yet my friends, “Mommy can’t run in these shoes. Please come back here or I’ll ask that construction worker to grab you and bring you back.”

He did return. I took a few more awkward photos of his backside: cute over-large backpacked child at drinking fountain, cute kid facing away from me, and the famous blurry-child (who thinks the camera is off).

On the bright side, I was looking for the lines

Once we were inside the classroom, I got a semi-smiling picture of the side of his face.

He's happy, right?

The next day — that famous Second Day of School — Alec dropped him off and he let Daddy take every picture!