Remember yourself

I forced myself to make a list of five activities, pursuits, or interests that are important for me to remember in the year following childbirth. I try to look at it now and then to remind myself of the personal interests I want to maintain along with motherhood.

My list:

  1. Get crafty – do fun art projects
  2. Swim – the whole triathlon may have to wait
  3. Read – something other than baby books
  4. See friends – brunch and idle chatter are delicious together
  5. Play games – I always used to beat my husband at Scrabble before pregnancy, now it’s sort of even

The book Mommy Guilt has subsequently challenged me to come up with 50 things I love to do… so, I now have a list of 117 things (because making lists is on my extended list!). More on that here. :)