Relaxation techniques for a 3 year old

Ok, we chucked the paci!

For reals this time.

We gave him his three point explanation every time he asked for about twenty times:

  1. You’re Three Years Old
  2. The Dentist said “no more paci”
  3. The garbage truck took it away

Oh and p.s. all the pacis still in the house are Milo’s so don’t let me catch you with them.

So, what I need now is some ideas to help him find his sleepy place now that his crutch (and mine, let’s be honest, sometimes I miss the plug. A lot) is gone. So far, I’ve invented the myth of the sandman (although my memory was fuzzy so I started to make up some crazy details!), we talk about his pretend (invisible) paci, and Alec leads him through some deep breaths.

At school, he still naps (with some difficulty) but there is a staff of kids and a full legion of peer pressuring little kids dozing happily at his side.

I really super mighty desperately with all my being want to keep the nap and return to the days of easy slumber. Any tips?