Quirky product I love: the Bjorn Cape

Hot dad rocks the Bjorn CapeI guess it’s technically called BabyBjorn Cover for Baby Carrier and not a Cape, but I need to recommend this nice-to-have number for the following real-life situations that I encountered while toting my baby in his carrier:

  • Nap = worth weight in gold. I’m at Studio Grow or Music Class with the big one and the little one desperately needs a nap. Switch the baby to inward facing, pop on the cape, jiggle, and wait for sleep to arrive. The cape is awesome for blocking out distractions. Worked on Scarlett and Milo in minutes.
  • Sunny days. For Berkeley-style mild but sunny summers, the cape has provided the perfect sun protection on blindingly white arms and legs and a baldy little head. It might be too hot for real summer weather, but it’s been fab here.
  • Colder or windy weather. This snuggly warm protecting device is made to keep the wee one warm without worrying about other bulky layers. I think that’s probably it’s true purpose.

I wouldn’t have asked for this or even thought of it if it were not for an unexpected gift from my old junior high boyfriend, Niklas. I later bought one off the registry for my SIL.

I thoroughly recommend this doohickie if you’re a Bjorn family and you’re expecting baby #2 or if you live in either a mild, sunny or cold climate for your baby’s first six months. Hello Bay Area, this means you (yearround)!

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