Products that moms will want to make out with

Whether it’s for Mother’s Day or just something you want to get yourself, I couldn’t not tell you about my deep and abiding love for these three products. The first one is the cheapest and my most recent infatuation. The second has been wrapped around my loins since Halloween. The final pick has been heating me up for about a year.

Sleeping mask. While at the blissdom conference, I was given this lavender eye mask. It is perfect for the mornings when some little person wakes me up at 4:30am and returns to sleep but now I can’t… also those mid-afternoon pockets of time that would be perfect for a nap but the room is too bright. This thing works. For about $10 it is a sweet little Mother’s Day or new mama gift. Or just buy it for your own self!

This eyemask will put you to sleep

This skort by Soybu. I purchased it via Amazon for Halloween in order to be Hermione to my son’s Harry Potter. It arrived as I was leaving for the class parade and party. It is perfect. I’m too modest to wear short skirts in real life, but with the shorts built in, I feel free to ride my bike, play on the floor, and show a little leg. Super comfy (like the yoga pants my husband wishes you would stop wearing) and washable. About $35.

ps Skorts that look like shorts in the back are stupid and are missing the point. There, I said it.

Cute comfy skort

My sincere apologies for showing her flat stomach. This skort looks cute on real people, I promise.

Capresso hot water kettle. As they all do in Europe, use instant hot water to make your morning coffee or evening tea; warm up baby bottles; quickly boil water for pasta; heat baby food pouches; make instant oatmeal; etc. So great! At about $50, it is much cheaper than having an instant-hot installed into your kitchen (like I used to have), but it’s no bargain. That said, I use it constantly and had to tell you about it.

Capresso kettle is the best for new moms

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Do you have any favorite products that you tell all your friends about? Tell me!

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