Play dress up

baublesI know Julian is fond of beads and Holden loves to dance around with scarves, but I haven’t gone to the trouble of setting up a dress-up area.

I don’t know why… wouldn’t a little treasure trove of costume fun mean that I could sneak a few extra minutes in front of my computer sending instant messages or reading email?!

After reading this post about how to amuse toddlers, I’m going to get busy pulling together all the hats and miscellaneous other accessories to supplement that one lone scarf.

Older children (4-5 year olds) enjoy playing dress-up with clothes but toddlers normally haven’t developed enough dexterity to manage this game. What they can handle is beads, bracelets and hats. Provide a mirror so they can see themselves wearing the accessories.

If your tot is still very oral it would be wise to choose beads that have an embedded string (like Mardi Gras bead) rather than strung beads which could become a choking hazard if the string breaks.

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[I found this tip on the amazing instructables site via sk-rt]