Activity #10: Plan a mom’s night out

Plan a Mom's Night Out

This week’s challenge is to organize a Mom’s Night Out with some girlfriends. Go somewhere you used to enjoy in your old life. Book the time on your calendar and try to make it a recurring event (like every third Thursday or second Tuesday) so you and your pals (and all your respective partners) can plan for it.

Whitney and I like to schedule these MNO dates early enough in the evening that mom totally gets out of the witching hour and dinner-bedtime combo, but you might need to ease into that. Sometimes a night out doesn’t really mean a night off.

Wondering what to do with yourself?

  • Ladies game night. Find a pub that serves up Scrabble or Boggle with the beer and meet your friends. My friend Eva organizes a monthly game night and brings her own games.
  • Book club. I’m a book club junkie, having been in four so far — and one for more than ten years. When I was in a new mommy book club, reading was optional and chatting and dessert were mandatory.
  • Just dinner and drinks. If the point is to reconnect with your friends, no need to dress it up with gimmicks, just go find a restaurant that will let you sit and chat for two hours.

In addition to the relief of letting down your hair (without someone pulling it) and putting on a pretty top (without someone spitting up on it), getting out with your girlfriends is a wonderful way to remember who you really are apart from someone’s MOMMY.

Did you complete this challenge? Love it or hate it, tell us how it went:

  • Comment below and spill the details.
  • Share a picture with us on Facebook.
  • Name your destination on Twitter or Instagram and use hashtag #rookiemoms.
  • Or, link in the comments to your own blog post about this challenge.

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