Activity #64: Photograph the inanimate objects, too

If your baby has a lovey, take a photo of it. It will get increasingly ragged over time and it will be nice to remember what its original shape was.

Here’s some ideas for how to capture the object of your child’s affection:
linus and his lovey

  1. For the sentimental: sneak into her bedroom and take a photo of her snuggling lovey while sleeping.
  2. For the artsy: take a roll of wrapping paper that’s white on the inside. Unroll a fair amount and drape it from the coffee table onto the ground. Position lovey on the paper and get down on the ground to shoot the photo. You might need to use the “macro” setting (usually represented by a flower icon on your digital camera) to get a clear picture close up.
  3. For the bizarre: photograph lovey outside, on grass, on a lounge chair or hanging in a tree.