Photo ornament in less than 10 minutes for less than $10

Oh Christmas tree, loving my new photo ornament

I’m super excited to report that in less than 10 minutes for less than $10 (plus shipping), I am totally on trend with a flipping adorable ornament of my children. When Whitney told us that funky shapes are all the rage for holiday cards, I thought, “Bah! That just costs more in postage.” And now I’m so over-the-moon with these holiday decorations I want to tell the whole wide world.

Make custom-shaped ornaments on mpix

I explained step-by-step how to make these ornaments last year as part of our Makin’ It crafty series for parents. Then and now, I used to overlay the year to a favorite full-bleed photograph allowing me to travel back without a time machine to create photo ornaments from holidays’ past. I love these decorations so much that I want to make them for all our Christmases. But maybe I’ll get to that next year.


Shapes for DIY ornaments on mpix

The big news is that you can go with round or a fancy shape. Everything else is just as easy (except finding the right photo, that’s still just as hard!).

2013 Christmas ornament, easy to make

[Photo credit of my family: Megan Small]

Disclosure: I paid for this with my own $10 and by “make it in 10 minutes” I mean that my effort lasted that long, I received my finished product in a few days.