Activity #6: Paint your baby’s feet

Paint baby footprints onto pottery: rookiemoms challenge

Our challenge for you this week is slather your baby’s feet with paint and commemorate their tiny size. Many paint-your-own-pottery places know how to help you get cute baby footprints on plates and mugs. This is your sixth challenge.

We made trivets because the cheapest pottery available was a flat tile. I recommend tackling the cheaper pieces instead of taking on the set of pasta bowls, but suit yourself.

At Berkeley’s Brushstrokes Studio, they have seen their fair share of Moms’ Group outings and newborns squishing their hands and feet into paint and onto ceramic and had a few tips for us:

  1. Paint and stamp feet instead of hands because babies clench their fists when they freak out. (Also they stick their hands in their mouths with much greater ease! So, Yuck.)
  2. If you’re going to decorate the piece, do that BEFORE waking up your baby, because your baby may freak out necessitating a hasty retreat.
  3. If the little footprint is less than perfect, you can use a paintbrush to fill in missing toes.
Paint baby footprints onto pottery: rookiemoms challenge
My five-week old’s blurry little feet in the hands of an expert

Again, I will stress to you: Paint everything you want on your piece while baby sleeps (or friend holds him) then do the feet and race out the door, because he’s likely to be pissed off. My baby was super pissed.

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