Our new book: Stuff Every Mom Should Know

We’re so excited to tell you that our new book is officially out today!

Stuff Every Mom Should Know is part of a series from Quirk Books that includes Stuff Every Man, Woman, Husband, and NOW Mom and Dad Should Know.

We wrote this book together based on the stuff we’ve learned since becoming moms, what we remember as crazy teens, and from grilling our friends and more experienced parents.

It started as a series of Post-It notes on Whitney’s wall. Each age group from baby to teen was represented by a different color of paper.

After talking to dozens of smart moms – including our own — we stuffed the book with practical suggestions and helpful lists. And, wow, everyone had a different take on the must-know topics. We learned soooo much! What should be in my medicine cabinet? How to throw a stress-free birthday party? Our village of fellow mamas answered the call. From the introduction of our book:

Stuff Every Mom Should Know has the answers, including:

  • The Truth about Potty Training
  • The Miracle of White Noise
  • Girl, You’re a Soccer Mom Now
  • Comebacks for Unsolicited Parenting Advice

Plus suggestions for capturing decent video footage at a child’s event, advice on meeting other moms, tricks to making a long wait fun, and tons more.

This book is small — you might mistake it for my iPhone — but densely packed. We hope you like it and want to share our Stuff with your community of moms. (Order a copy here >;)

What three things would you put in the bucket of stuff every mom should know?