ONE love


I bought this candle after watching a Sex and the City episode in which Miranda realizes that Steve is THE ONE during their son Brady’s first birthday. I gave it to my then-boyfriend on our one-year dating anniversary as a memento of our love.

Being a sentimental pack-rat, I saved it.

My then-boyfriend became my now-husband. When our rookie baby turned one, I remembered our special candle and put it on his birthday cake. Aww. We didn’t know if we’d have any more children but I couldn’t throw out the candle either way.

Shortly after Holden turned one, I became pregnant with baby number two. Fast forward to Milo’s first birthday, again I brought out the candle. Holden, nearly-three, mistook it for a treat and ate off a hunk of wax before I noticed. See the teeth marks? I figured we were done with kids, but I held onto my candle just the same.

When Sawyer had his first birthday, I scrounged around for this mangled, burned-out treasure and hauled it to Florida for his special day.

Now that we’re done having babies, I still keep it in a kitchen drawer. I guess the sweet mixed-up memories of LOVE make me hold onto it.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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