One dreamy appliance: Breville Smart Oven

Why am I talking about a toaster oven on Rookie Moms? Because I love it THAT much.

I’ll admit that I’m in that first stage of infatuation where it can do no wrong. Burnt my finger a little, I forgive it. I put the crumb door in upside-down, I forgive myself.

My husband, on the other hand, wishes it wouldn’t take up so dang much counter space. He’s sad that our perfectly good toaster oven was replaced by a shiny new toy and how that reflects negatively on us as people and consumers. We comfort ourselves by imagining how much energy we’ll save by using our big “real” oven less.

I rearranged our kitchen counter-tops to allow it full range of motion (for the door) and clearance (for the safe emission of the broiling power).

Breville Smart OvenA friend at work called it my “Easy Bake Oven” and he asked me if it cooked with light bulbs. Not exactly…

This mini oven (AKA Breville Smart Oven) is one killer toaster oven that you can also bake a flipping chicken in. I’m in love. I picked one up from BB+B on Tuesday and so far, I’ve done these things:

  • Half-baked a Zachary’s pizza half-baked
  • Baked some cookies
  • Toasted toast, bagels, english muffins, a baguettes, dinner rolls
  • Baked raw chicken
  • Warmed pizza
  • Reheated rotisserie chicken and green beans

I think we’re going to be very happy together.

Fine print: I bought this with a 20% off coupon and at the recommendation of two very smart foodies after an extensive twitter poll.