Plan a newborn Halloween costume

You parents of newborns: Well, it’s likely you’ll do nothing on Halloween. But you’re missing your last chance to have an adult-style Halloween. If your baby has no dramatic bedtime ritual, beyond you swaddling him up and shushing until you pass out, then why not do what YOU like to do.

Of course you want your baby to be adorable in a witty costume, but who has the mental energy right now? (I don’t.) Use one of my three newborn Halloween costume suggestions:

1- An iPod. Wear this onesie. Done.

2- An organic vegetable. These soft cotton baby bags are not the 3D polyester costumes you see in the catalogs for babies. They are actually really cozy pjs from GreenBabies. We have the carrot version. If you’re ambitions, use a brown sharpie to draw some horizontal lines to indicate further that it’s a carrot. Matching hat optional.

3- A grown up. Dress baby in any ridiculously adult clothes you have. (We had a sports coat in size 3-6). Accessorize baby with a mustache, cell phone, car keys, or laptop computer made out of cardboard.

For those who are not in so much of a newborn haze, read our Halloween suggestions from last year:
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