New robot-themed bedroom

Without seeing the list of robot-bedroom recommendations Whitney put together while away at a conference, I bought nearly everything on her list. I can’t decide if she totally gets me or I’m just a bit cliche. Though I had to — and did — draw the line somewhere, I think I actually exceeded her recommendations in an effort to make my sons’ bedroom just like their old one but a tiny bit better.

I opted out of the pink backpacks but I totally wish I bought the robo sketch pad and bed sheets.

New room pics

I set up the new stuff among the old loveys
He was SOOO excited

Both big boys noticed the boldly colored robot pillows right away. All photos of Holden are of him as a giant blur running past me and rolling around on the new striped rug. They demanded to know, “Where did these new pillows come from?” and I told them I got them as a surprise for the new house.

Testing out the rug.

As they went to sleep the first night, happily, in their brand new room, they asked, “If you got us the pillows, what did Daddy get us?” It was all I could do not to yell in their faces, “HE GOT YOU THE HOUSE!” but instead I just laughed a little and said he chose the rug.

My actual (gulp) shopping list

Robot Throw Pillows, Grey Pillow for Milo $19

Robot Throw Pillows, Orange Pillow for Holden $19

2 sets of Giant Robot Wall Decals in orange and red (to be hung once paint is fully cured) $25

Blue/Orange Bold Wide Stripe Rug $229.00

Handwoven Aerial Map Flyover Rug (for playroom) $229

I should still get this cute thing, right? No, no, I must stop.

Wondering what the old room looked like? Photo essay from nursery to big boy bedroom.

So, how’d I do? (Hint: Now’s when you tell me I did good and tell me to stop looking for new stuff.)

Disclosure: I get no discount for shopping at Land of Nod and I bought all this stuff with my own money. You are welcome to come on over and see it. If YOU buy something through the photos, we do get a few cents. That would be super nice!