My toddler is a sponge that I’m trying to fill up (+ keep clean)

This post is sponsored by Too Small To Fail.

As I was dropping my little guy, now two, off at preschool this morning, I realized that I’m gonna have to start censoring the morning talk radio. Bummer. Whenever I have the big kids in the car, I channel surf to music-only stations switching it back to trash or news when its just me and Sawyer.

Well, that kid is a sponge. And he was repeating back to me certain words and phrases. While “California” and “good night’s sleep for less” are harmless enough phrases, I don’t want to be the reason a classroom of two-year olds is talking about Kim Kardashian’s booty (We already had a “What the heck?!” contagion among the 18 month-olds). Let that be the other adorable child with big siblings, thank you very much.

In a minute, I’m going to show you a video about America’s future (AKA your children).  It turns out that talking, reading, and singing to our babies makes a HUGE impact on their vocabulary.

You got that guys? You are better than Baby Einstein; passive learning (like apps or TV shows) is not nearly as impactful as direct eye contact and conversation. I’ve been invited to participate in the Too Small To Fail campaign to help spread the word about this important topic.

As a working mom, I don’t always have the recommended hours to read to Sawyer. He usually gets two books at bedtime, so I am approaching this two ways.

1. I have set 6 goals to make more quality opportunities for talking, reading, and singing.

Set a goal to talk to your child more #gomighty4kids

2. I also try to seize these opportunities to build my toddler’s vocabulary in the car:

  1. Identifying and discussing what we see (trains, diggers, trees)
  2. Singing along with the radio or children’s songs (yes, I will stop the talk radio for now)
  3. Telling stories about our days or where we’re driving
  4. Talking about where our friends and loved ones are and what they’re probably doing
  5. Encouraging big siblings to read out loud while I’m behind the wheel

What are some things you’re already doing? Are there small changes you can make?

I’m super excited to participate in making small changes for my family and spreading the word about this program.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Next Generation’s “Too Small Too Fail” program.